HDExaminer 3.0

The new major release of HDExaminer introduces powerful new features that are useful to HDX researchers, while maintaining the familiar workflows that make HDExaminer so easy and intuitive to use. Here’s what’s new in version 3:

Improved Peptide Finder

HDExaminer 3 includes a significant rewrite of the calculation engine, designed to find better results and dramatically reduce the need for manual overrides.

Multiple Protein Sequences

An HDExaminer project can now contain multiple protein sequences. So, for example, you can include both a heavy chain and light chain, or multiple proteins in the complex that you are studying.

Bimodal Distributions

HDExaminer 3 includes comprehensive support for bimodal distributions. The software will find and report uptake information for both distributions in a bimodal result.

Multistate Heat Map

In addition to viewing all of your time points for a single protein state, HDExaminer 3 also allows you to view all of your protein states at a single time point. This view allows you to view either the uptake of each protein state or the uptake difference relative to a control state (as shown here).

Theoretical Uptake Curves

Uptake plots in HDExaminer 3 can now optionally include the theoretical uptake for the selected peptide, calculated using the intrinsic exchange rates described in Nguyen et al., J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 2018, 29, 9, 1936-1939.


A fully-functional time-limited trial version is available upon request, so try HDExaminer 3 today!