Trajan’s LEAP Technologies and Sierra Analytics team up to provide joint HDX solution

January 9, 2018

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) and Sierra Analytics (Sierra) today announced a partnership for Sierra’s HDExaminer software for Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange (HDX) data analysis.

This new agreement combines the software expertise of Sierra with the analytical workflow automation expertise and global reach of the Trajan Automation team (including LEAP Technologies (LEAP) acquired by Trajan in 2016).

HDX has become an indispensable tool for protein binding studies in pharmaceutical development. LEAP Technologies has been automating HDX experiments for over 15 years, and is the industry leader in the field.

Bill McKinney, President of Sierra, said “LEAP has been a valuable partner for many years. This new agreement will allow us to expand the market for HDExaminer while providing a more integrated experience for the end user. We are excited about the prospects, and we look forward to many positive outcomes from this new partnership with Trajan.”

Trajan will be a global partner and support provider for the HDExaminer software. The partnership ensures both companies maximize impact and efficiency by combining their areas of expertise, multiple locations and global infrastructure to support their customers. It expands the joint customer base and provides a flexible turnkey HDX solution to the scientific community.

Glenn Clivaz, CEO of Trajan Automation, said “We’re really excited by the beneficial synergy our new partnership with Sierra makes possible. We already work with Sierra and look forward to the focus and closer interaction our new relationship will facilitate.”

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