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The leading software for polymer molecular weight characterization by mass spectrometry. Homopolymer and copolymer molecular weight distributions, polydispersity, and mixture deconvolution. We are pleased to announce the release of Polymerix version 3.

Mnova MS

Developed in partnership with Mestrelab Research, and fully integrated with the Mnova NMR plugins, the Mnova MS plug-in focuses on the processing and analyzing of LC/MS and GC/MS data for structure elucidation and confirmation.


The world standard in software for petroleomics data analysis: total elemental composition assignment of complex hydrocarbons using mass spectrometry.


A complete software solution for H-D Exchange MS to give you a comprehensive picture of the deuteration uptake behavior of your protein.


Chemical structure-based small molecule confirmation software for metabolite identification, combinatorial chemistry, chemical synthesis, target compound analysis, affinity binding, and more.


Professional consulting services in scientific software design and development. Use our years of world-class product development expertise in your next project.