The leading software for polymer molecular weight measurement by mass spectrometry

The standard for characterizing homopolymer and copolymer molecular weight distributions, polydispersity, and mixture deconvolution. Polymerix provides sophisticated tools for analysis of homopolymer and copolymer composition and deconvolution of homopolymer and copolymer mixtures, including computation of the standard polymer metrics:  Mn, Mw, Mz, PD, DPn, DPw, DPz values.

Announcing Polymerix Version 3:

Significant new capabilities and improvements have been added to Polymerix, resulting in the first major version release in several years.

Polymerix Version 3 now includes qualitative analysis features to semi-automatically determine repeat formulas, end group formulas, and adduct formulas.  A new view labeled “Find Homopolymer Series”  performs several operations on a spectrum to predict the homopolymer components.  First, Polymerix locates two sequential monoisotopic ions from the molecular ion isotope clusters.  The mass difference is processed by elemental composition analysis to produce a list of the most accurate repeat formulas.  Once a repeat formula is accepted, all possible adduct and end group formulas are computed and shown, again ordered by highest mass accuracy.

Additional new features:

  • Quantitation of both homopolymer and copolymer analysis is now performed on each complete isotope cluster.  This improves accuracy without resorting to isotope correction (deisotoping).
  • Quantitative results now include weight percent values in addition to mole percent values.
  • Adduct combinations, for example charge state 2 ions with both protonation and sodiation are now supported.

For a detailed description and examples of some of the new features, for instance “Find Homopolymer Series”, the Polymerix Version 3 help file is available on our website: Polymerix User Manual

Other Features:

  • Raw data import directly from vendor format files
  • Support for all ionization modes and polarities
  • Support for single spectrum (MALDI/MS) or multi-scan (LC/MS, GPC/MS) fractions
  • Comprehensive mass spectral data reduction
  • Calculates a complete assignment of spectral features to individual series components
  • Results presented in complementary graphical and tabular forms.
  • Graphical and tabular results can be exported for use with word processing, spreadsheet, or database programs.

Please contact us for a fully-functional demo version of Polymerix.