Mnova MS

Mnova MS, developed in collaboration with our partners at Mestrelab Research, is a software package for the processing & analyzing of LC/MS and GC/MS data that emphasizes minimalism, simplicity, and agility.

By providing a common interface for different vendor data and automating all functionality (data import and display, integration, background subtraction and chemical structure confirmation), Mnova MS opens the power of this technique to all non-expert users. This allows you to remove bottlenecks in your organization by taking routine work off the hands of your experts and by maximizing the time they can spend in higher-value work.


  • Multivendor LC/MS and GC/MS data visualization, processing and analysis
  • Easily generate EMC (Mass Chromatograms)
  • Automatic molecule matching for structure confirmation
  • Automatically compute potential Elemental Compositions for a given mass ion peak
  • Create reports combining NMR and MS in full automation with Mnova’s scripting capabilities

Find out more about the Mnova MS plug-in and test it for free at the Mnova MS website.