MS Data Formats

Our products support raw data import directly from the following mass spectral data formats.  For most, auxilliary chromatographic data channels may be imported as well:

  • Agilent Technologies: Ion trap, LC/MSD ChemStation, MassHunter
  • AppliedBiosystems / MDS Sciex: Analyst, Analyst-QS, DataExplorer
  • Bruker Daltonics: Compass, XMASS
  • JEOL: FastFlight TOF, QMS1000
  • NHMFL / Florida State University: MIDAS
  • Shimadzu Biotech: LCMS-IT-TOF
  • Thermo Scientific: Xcalibur
  • Waters: MassLynx
  • XML: mzXML, mzData
  • ASCII: (m/z, intensity) peak lists

In all cases, our applications take full advantage of the resolution and mass accuracy available from the instrument and in the data, adjusting processing as required to achieve the best results possible.